Bojan Schianetz

Health, Eco, Lifestyle, Human Behaviour Expert

Co-Founder: Beyond Good Health Clinics, CHI Health Innovations,

Innovator & Founder: BioFast System, Accelerated Creation System, Accelerated Relief System, numerous innovative health products

Qualifications: Environmental Engineer (Germany) – Naturopath (Germany) – Master Trainer Accelerated Creation System (ACS) – Trainer and Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), Time Line Therapy (TLT), Hypnosis – Trainer Autogenic Training, Reiki Level 3 – Teacher for Qi Gong – Teacher for Tai Chi – Trained in Psychology, Energy Medicine, Aromatherapy, Remedial Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Chrystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Nutritional Medicine, Biomesotherapy, Acupuncture

Practice Profile: His passion is to find long-term solutions for his patients who suffer from chronic illnesses (physically or mentally). Using his intuitive skills combined with his experience of seeing thousands of clients allows him to cut through trial and error for the clients benefit. He seeks to treat the whole person, not only the symptoms. Bojan is specialised in all kind of chronic conditions, fast pain relief, sensitivity testing and treatment, fast phobia and trauma relief, advanced energy healing, personal breakthrough and self-empowerment programme.

General Profile: Bojan Schianetz, aka Energy Whisperer, is an Environmental Engineer and Naturopath, Medical Intuitive, International Speaker, Bestselling Author and Entrepreneur. He is one of the world’s leading experts on the advanced use of intuition and transformative energy healing for businesses and social conscious individuals.

Bojan conducts training on intuition and energy awareness. He has developed uniquely powerful energy technology for energy protection and development, offer short trainings for Quantum Business Tuning and provide various energy awareness-based consultations. This powerful form of energy-activating mentoring enables clients to transform limiting conditions or areas of “stuckness” into new abilities, opportunities and positive states of being.

He has assisted thousands of individuals and businesses in over 5 countries as an environmental engineer, naturopath, intuitive expert and mentor to achieve accelerated results. Bojan’s clients include executives, celebrities, families and people who want to live an empowered, fully present, healthy and effortless life rich in experience and abundance, according to their soul path and life purpose.

Bojan grew up in Germany in a Christian environment. From an early age he has been able to feel energies in his environment and people. He has been able to join and experience life from different perspectives because of this intuitiveness. In Hawaii in 1994, during several meditations, Bojan received messages that he one day would be able read the energy fields of people to help them with physical, emotional and spiritual disharmonies and teach them their infinite connection with the universe and the ultimate Creator (God).

He was so impressed by the messages that he started dedicated studies and the practice of Energy Medicine, Ancient Shamanism, Reiki, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. More than ten years later, he developed a new technique that allowed him to use his brain as a measurement tool to accurately physically read the quality and quantity of energies in a human body, environment and the feelings and emotions of people.

Since 2005 Bojan lives and works in Australia as a practitioner, coach, teacher and author. In his clinics in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, he is using cutting-edge energy medicine and powerful, fast emotional healing techniques, and drawing on his psychic insights into others’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

In 2009 he channelled during a 3 day stay at the mystical Mount Warning in Australia, the complete 7 step blueprint of the Accelerated Creation System to empower people to create their unique life masterpiece.

Bojan has accumulated a diverse range of experiences:

Speaker of four languages
Lived on 100% raw food for 3 years
Went through 20 day fasting experience
Initiated and managed the first waste management project for a south American airport
Managed and executed environmental projects in 4 countries
Wrote a bestselling book in Portuguese
Climbed a 500 m vertical wall in the Austrian Alps
Participated in over 200 ski-crossing competitions
Saved three people’s lives
Has run 120,000 km in twenty years
Has run a 42 km marathon in 2 hrs and 44 mins
60 km Ski Crossing Competition through the German Black Forest
Twenty years of Qi Gong studies and practice
Fifteen years Chen Style Tai Chi studies and practice
Climbed a 5500 m volcano in Chile