Do’s and Don’ts of Qigong Practice

do's and don'ts of qigong practice

Take note, these rules of qigong practice are intended to improve your practice and not to pressure. Don’t worry if you break a rule, just do your best and apply them gradually.

Qigong Practice Guidelines

Practice Qigong everyday. It is safe to do qigong every day when done carefully and properly. Qigong practice is gentle and is rooted on improving natural energetic and biological mechanisms of self-restoration. If you are sick and stay home from school or work, you can practice Qigong.

Deep relaxation. Let the mind be free of worries and concerns.

Breathing regulation (see Three Regulations of Qigong Exercises). Regulate your breath so both inhalation and exhalation are full and slow. It should not be exaggerated and heavy, but deep, conscious and calm.

Create a routine. Make your own qigong practice routine that will suit your limits, likes and needs.

Approach every practice with a goal to relax. Always direct your mind to quiet indifference.

Enjoy. This is, by far, the most important rule. Just enjoy your movement, your breathing and your practice.

Practice too much. Don’t practice too often and too long. Implement Qigong in your life with moderation, because doing too much of a good thing will make you say, ‘This is enough’. Soon, the process of self-restoration will be gone.

Be deceived by the simplicity of Qigong practice. An old Chinese quote says ‘what appears great on the outside is weak on the inside, and what appears inconsequential on the outside is powerful and strong on the inside’. Application of these simple movements has shown, for thousands of years of meticulous refinement, so you can move your innate natural healing forces.

Try to advance quickly. Qigong is designed to assist you in achieving endurance and self-healing. So, relax and take it easy. Relaxing will help activate your Qi. Trying hard and putting more effort will be counterproductive when it comes to enjoying the full benefits of Qigong. You can attain your goal of healing by letting yourself be free from the rush and stress that can cause your vital organs and glands to be inefficient.

Expect results too soon. There will be mistakes, particularly with the postures. Dramatic results will be enjoyed over time with consistent Qigong practice.

Implementing Qigong Practice

Learning Qigong from a coach, a qigong video or a book can be frustrating, especially because of your desire to perfect the routine as soon as possible. Purposefully and carefully, follow the steps the best that you can. Take note, it is not totally required to perform the Qigong practice similar to what the teacher suggests, so create some things too.

It is more important to implement it just like how it suits you. The only way you can be wrong with your implementation of qigong practice is NOT DOING them at all. As such, it is very much important to DO IT.

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