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“A Qi Gong DVD Training Program Reveals Itself To Be A Real-Life Fountain Of Health”

And this is my challenge to you:

Discover How You Can Boost Your Health in Just 20 Min a Day With My Proven Qi Gong Program

  • Do you lack energy all the time?
  • Do you feel sick very often?
  • Do you have back and joint pains?
  • Are you stressed most of the time?
  • Do you want to reverse your aging process?
  • Do you want to strengthen your immune system to be protected against all degenerative diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, etc?
  • Are you fed up with mainstream medical solutions?
  • Do you want to improve your productivity by at least 20%?

Here is the true story how I became a Qi Gong enthusiastic:

Qi Gong DVD Training Program

Dear Friend,

20 years ago I was a skeptical engineer, stressed and with constant back pain. I got the flu at least twice a year due to my constant traveling and consequently, did not feel very effective professionally anymore. For this reason, I looked for solutions and found a book in the book store about QiGong. I bought it, not because I believed in it, but because I liked the calming pictures.

Actually, at that point, I didn’t even know what Qi Gong meant. Well, I started reading and couldn’t stop. Next, I began taking beginner classes on Qi Gong. What I experienced after a few months was far beyond my imagination. My back pain reduced by at least 50% and my once lost energy for fitness returned. I could not believe how efficient these ancient exercises were able to transform my body from being sick to feeling healthy, pain free, and energetic.

It was then that I decided to study this amazing Chinese stuff and to be as good as possible at it. Today, 20 years later I know that the decision to dedicate my life to QI Gong, gave me back at least 10 years of high quality life. I want you to dedicate 20 min/day for 3 months following my exercises. And I promise you will be amazed about your new strength, clarity and tranquility. Hundreds of my clients who bought the DVD and practiced at least 20 min/day for 3 months experienced:

  • Improved ability to focus and calm the mind
  • Improved breathing, an essential component of physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Improved strength, flexibility and balance
  • Improved flow of energy throughout the body and brain

I offer to you a complete program for a very reasonable price, because I want you to achieve what others call a miracle.

This is what you get with your order: Qi Gong DVD, 75 min

  • Introduction about the Qi Gong Health System
  • QiGong class with instructions
  • QiGong class with music to follow
  • 20 minutes of Bonus energy exercises
  • 6 minute Bonus interview with Bojan Schianetz

This is what you will learn with the DVD*

Qi Gong DVD Training Program

  • How Qi Gong can improve health and total wellbeing
  • The importance of correct posture, stance, and attitude
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Key Qi Gong movements and exercises to maximize the flow of positive energy (Qi or Chi) through the energy pathways, strengthen, and support the body’s natural healing energy
  • Warm down exercises and massages to stimulate the glands, improve energy flow and restore healthful energy balance
  • Facial massage methods to assist rejuvenation and calm the mind.

*The DVDs allow you to perform your exercises from the first day on. The DVD introduces you to the principles and techniques of Qi Gong, a rare ancient Taoist system for improving health, energy and emotional wellbeing.

  • Included is a 23 page booklet answering the 30 most burning questions about Qi Gong
  • Included is a bonus online coaching program for a limited time* valued U$ 95.00

Please understand that the limited time offer may end at any time!

You get fortnightly ezines with important tips and tricks related to QiGong and short videos to be able to shift your health to a far higher level. Now I leave it to you…Qi Gong DVD Training ProgramThis Qi Gong training program can make a real change in your life if you want to:

  • Enhance your strength, flexibility, inner and outer balance, and boost energy levels
  • Recover from illness and rebuild strength, health
  • Improve breathing and find your spiritual centre

You get a complete program including a DVD, a booklet and for a limited time a 6 month online coaching for free. Request your DVD NOW if you want the advantage of the bonus online coaching valued U$ 95.00

Your Friend and Qi Gong Master,

Bojan Schianetz

N.D. Env. Eng. Intuitive Coach and Qi Gong Healer

P.S. Please understand that I am very passionate about Qi Gong and Qi Healing. I want to tell you that there is nothing your body can’t handle and I encourage you not to give up. Your body is amazing and deserves the best support possible. Qi Gong is, in my opinion, the most amazing complementary healing tool ever invented and there is nothing that comes close! So take an action and invest in YOUR body NOW!''

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