Heart Field Attunement Meditation CD


The Heart Field Meditation is an Attunement for the Accelerated Creation Healing and programming yourself at the same time for Love. As a result, it is allowing you a profound shift in the amount of love in your life, lighter consciousness, and feelings of being deeply and permanently connected with the Infinite Source of Your Higher Self. It will increase your vibration to a purer state and enlighten your consciousness. This attunement is deeply aligned with the predicted global shift of consciousness. Earth and humanity are ascending to a higher vibration frequency. The Law Of Attraction will be replaced by the Law of Creation.

“I have experienced amazing results using the ‘Devine Heart Field Attunement – Meditation’. Each time I use the meditation CD I experience an immediate calmness and peacefulness to my emotions. It is able to quickly dissolve negative feelings of anger, frustration, fear, jealousy, selfishness and unworthiness and replaces these with an overall feeling of love and harmony. This is by far the most effective mediation I have ever used.”
Laurel Franklin

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