Qigong Healing: The Chinese Energy Healing System

Qigong Healing The Chinese Energy Healing System

Understanding Qigong Healing

To understand Qigong Healing, it is important to know what Qigong means.

“Qi” or “Chi” means air, breath of life or vital energy of the body. Other names for Qi are Prana (India), Orgon (Wilhelm Reich), Num (Africa´s Kalahari desert), Pneuma (Greek), Nafas (Koran), or Ha (Huna). Qi is the subtle power that flows through all living things. The Qi level of a healthy person is high, clear and flows smoothly like a stream and without blockages. “Gong” or “Kung” means “the skill of working with, or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement”.

Qigong Healing, Qi Gung or Qi Kung, is a 5,000 year old holistic Chinese self-healing and meditation system evolving practice that includes healing postures, breathing techniques and self-massage. This is suitable for every one of every age and with all types of physical conditions. The Qigong practitioner learns to control the Qi flow and uses his/her mind to guide the Qi to all parts of his/her body to achieve a complete energetic balance. In dynamic, exercising Qigong, the entire body moves from one posture to another. With passive, meditative Qigong, the body is still and the Qi is controlled by the concentration, visualization and breathing.

The Roots of Qigong Healing

What are the roots of Qigong Healing?

Qigong Healing has very old principles that can be found in native tribes’ philosophies and practices around the world. The oldest signs of cultivating life energy as a key to healing and spiritual power came from the Australian aborigines around sixty thousand years ago. They concentrate the life energy on a zone located four inches below the navel. This same area is called “Dantien” in Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Some Qigong Healing Practices

Another example of ancient Qigong Healing practices came from Hawaii. The powerful Hawaiian healers were known as “Masters of the Breath”. They use movements like dance and deep breathing exercises to accumulate Qi and project it through their hands to other persons.

The most important roots and the closest parallels for Qigong Healing we know today originated from India. There are actual remarkable parallelisms between Yoga and the Chinese Yin-Yang theory.

Different sources show that Yoga is older than Qigong. Buddhist monks from India have influenced some Qigong styles. However, information have probably traveled in both directions with Taoist’s ancient tales and Indian yogis learning from each other that influenced their teachings until the present day.

This is how Qigong originated. In fact, many people are presently embracing Qigong Healing as an effective means to achieve a better well-being.

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